Alun Profile Image 1

Name:  Alun

Scooter Handle:  Handsomejackuk

Home Town:  Blaina

Club:  LML Owners Club Great Britain

Affiliation:  Customisation and accessories

Specialities:  Customisation, modifying, making my own parts

Inspirations:  Like period styles of Vespas

Scooter Model:  LML Star 125 DLX

Frame Mod’s:  De-badged

Engine Mod’s:  Derestricted Simonini exhaust

Specialised Parts:  Single front and rear buddy seat, black silver number plate, period fender crest

Accessories:  Five front lights, gs style rear light, bumm legshield mirror, Buzetti side stand, grey side panel rubbers, grey Piaggio grips, grey rear light gasket, twin air horns, squeaky bulb horn, stainless headlight cowl, front crash bars

Customisation:  Powder coated rims, chrome front mudguard transfers, chrome rear side panel transfers, polished out writing on master cylinder, cut off ball ends of levers. Four dice (see if you can spot them !!!)

Future Plans:  Engine kit possibly polini, neutral light mod, rear backrest ? better routing of lighting cables, white wall conti’s, period private number plate.

What developments for LML’s and/or the Scene would you most like to see?  More precise gear selection, better rear brake, better handling, more power